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I am from Qingdao, China. As a child, I was always attracted to the high-tech gear in the Marvel superhero movies and dreamed to be an engineer to design the perfect equipment for the superheroes. Chemical Engineering is just the right field I can approach my childish dream. I received my B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2019. During my undergraduate studies, I worked on the fabrication of hierarchically porous carbon and the investigation of its electrochemical performance. In June 2021, I received my M.Sc in Chemical Engineering: Data Science Option from the University of Washington. My graduate research project at the University of Washington was focused on predicting the Ruthenium complex photocleavage efficiency using both molecular simulation and machine learning methods. For my Ph.D. project, in the Abolhasani Lab, I am working on end-to-end smart manufacturing of energy materials.

Jinge Xu

Ph.D. Student


Phone: 919-513-4183

Office: EB1- 1034

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