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07/05/23- Dr. Arup Ghorai and Dr. Tiago Fernandes Lins joined our team as postdoctoral research associates.

06/30/23- Congratulations to Brad with a paper, Continuous Ligand-Free Catalysis Using a Hybrid Polymer Network Support, accepted for publication in JACS Au.

06/12/23- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, The Rise of Self-Driving Labs in Chemical and Materials Sciences, is featured on the Front Cover of Nature Synthesis!

05/24/23- Hamed's paper was selected for the back cover of Solar RRL!

04/21/23- Fernando's paper was selected for the inside Front Cover of Advanced Intelligent Systems!

04/17/23- AlphaFlow was featured by C&EN!

04/13/22- Congratulations to Dr. Abolhasani for being awarded the ALCOA Research Achievement Award from the College of Engineering at NC State!

03/23/23- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, Role of AI in Experimental Materials Science, is selected for the February 2023 Cover of              MRS Bulletin.

03/20/22- Congratulations to Zach for being awarded an Honorable Mention for the Ferrell Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Award!

03/08/22- Congratulations to Hamed with a paper, Accelerated Photostability Studies of Colloidal Quantum Dots, accepted for publication in Solar RRL.

03/02/23- Congratulations to Amanda and her co-authors with a paper, AlphaFlow: autonomous discovery and optimization of multi-step chemistry using a self-driven fluidic lab guided by reinforcement learning, accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

03/01/23- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, Role of AI in Experimental Materials Science, is accepted for publication in MRS Bulletin.

02/24/23- Robbie's paper was selected for the Inside Back Cover of Advanced Materials Technologies.

02/08/23- Check out Dr. Abolhasani's interview with ChemistryWorld about the future of Self-Driving Labs!

02/02/23- Congratulations to Hamed for successfully passing his Ph.D. prelim exam!

01/27/23- Congratulations to Amanda (Dr. Volk!) for successfully passing her final Ph.D. exam unconditionally!!

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