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Autonomous Fluidic Lab
for Accelerated Materials and Molecular Discovery

The Abolhasani Lab is mainly focused on studies of flow chemistry strategies for accelerating the development and manufacturing of advanced functional materials and molecules using self-driving fluidic labs toward addressing the most pervasive challenge of the modern world: Meeting a rapidly growing global energy demand while preserving the environment.


To meet these goals, we study the fundamentals

of process intensification and microscale transport

phenomena using microreaction engineering

concepts and principles of “smart” manufacturing.


Current research thrusts in the group include:

(i) Smart manufacturing of energy-relevant


(ii) Autonomous catalysis using modular flow reactors

    for green manufacturing of specialty/fine chemicals;

(iii) Data-driven microreaction engineering using

      closed-loop robotic experimentation.

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Self-Driving Labs, Autonomous Experimentation, Flow Chemistry, Microfluidics, Continuous Nano-Manufacturing, 

Research Interests

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