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02/26/24- Congratulations to Negin and her co-authors with a paper, Digital Pareto-Front Mapping of Homogeneous Catalytic Reactions, accepted for publication in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering.

01/29/24- Dr. Richard Canty joined our team as a postdoctoral research associate! Welcome to the team!

01/25/24- Congratulations to Jeff, Negin, and their co-authors with a paper, Autonomous Reaction Pareto-Front Mapping with a Self-driving Catalysis Laboratory, accepted for publication in Nature Chemical Engineering.

01/22/24- Congratulations to Amanda with a paper, Performance Metrics to Unleash the Power of Self-Driving Labs in Chemistry and Materials Science, accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

01/12/24- Future Labs Workshop was a success! Kudos to our group members for their efforts in organizing this workshop on the future of autonomous labs!

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