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12/18/22- Congratulations to Robbie and his co-authors with a paper, Accelerated Multi-Stage Synthesis of Indium Phosphide Quantum Dots in Modular Flow Reactors, accepted for publication in Advanced Materials Technologies.

12/12/22- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, The Rise of Self-Driving Labs in Chemical and Materials Sciences, is accepted for publication in Nature Synthesis.

12/08/22- Congratulations to Fernando with a paper, Research Acceleration in Self-Driving Labs: Technological Roadmap Towards Accelerated Materials and Molecular Discovery, accepted for publication in Advanced Intelligent Systems.

12/07/22- Two first-year Ph.D. students, Negin and Nikolai join our group! Welcome to the team!

11/22/22- Congratulations to Fazel for receiving the Goodnight Doctoral Fellowship!

11/18/22- Our group had a successful AIChE Meeting in Phoenix. We delivered 8 talks (2 plenaries and keynotes), chaired 3 sessions, received an award, and stopped by 15 receptions!

11/11/22- Congratulations to Brad on winning 2nd place for best oral presentation at the 2022 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium!

11/11/22- Congratulations to Rami for winning The Linde Exceptional Teaching Assistant Award!

11/10/22- Congratulations to Fazel and Brad for receiving the College of Engineering Travel Award to attend the 2022 AIChE Annual Meeting in Phoenix!

11/06/22- Congratulations to Brad and Jeff with a paper, Intensified Hydrogenation in Flow Using a Poly(β-cyclodextrin) Network-Supported Catalyst, accepted for publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

09/13/22- Congratulations to Dr. Abolhasani for receiving the 2022 AIChE NSEF Young Investigator Award.

09/02/22- We are very excited to start our latest major partnership with Eastman Chemical Company on the Digitization of Chemical Synthesis using a Self-Driving Catalysis Lab!

07/05/22- Malek's paper was selected for the Front Cover of ChemSusChem.

06/24/22- We are very grateful to National Science Foundation for supporting our research group! We are very excited to start our latest project on Data-Driven Microreaction Engineering by Autonomous Robotic Experimentation in Flow!

05/20/22- 3 new graduate students (Sina, Venkat, and Hichamjoined our group. Welcome to the team!

05/19/22- Fazel's paper was selected for the Inside Front Cover of Advanced Intelligent Systems.

05/18/22- Zach's paper was featured in ChemistryViews.

05/04/22- Congratulations to Malek with a paper, Recyclable cooperative catalyst for accelerated hydroaminomethylation of hindered amines in a continuous segmented flow reactor, accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

04/21/22- Congratulations to Malek and Jeff with a paper, Continuous Room-Temperature Hydrogen Release from Liquid Organic Carriers in a Photocatalytic Packed-Bed Flow Reactor, accepted for publication in ChemSusChem.

04/09/22- Congratulations to Jeff with a paper, Autonomous Chemical Science and Engineering Enabled by Self-Driving Laboratories, accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering.

04/08/22- Congratulations to Zach with a paper, Flow Synthesis of Single and Mixed Metal Oxides, accepted for publication in Chemistry-Methods.

04/07/22- Congratulations to Fazel! He has been selected for the NCSU CBE department's Vivian T. Stannett Graduate Award for Outstanding Early Publication (runner-up).

03/29/22- Congratulations to Malek and Jeff with a paper, Flexible Homogeneous Hydroformylation: On-Demand Tuning of Aldehyde Branching with a Cyclic Fluorophosphite Ligand, accepted for publication in the Journal of Catalysis.

03/09/22- Congratulations to Amanda and her co-authors with a paper, Flow Chemistry: A Sustainable Voyage Through the Chemical Universe en Route to Smart Manufacturing, accepted for publication in the Annual Review of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

03/02/22- Congratulations to FazelRobbieKameel, Rokasand Jeff! Their recent paper, Autonomous Nanocrystal Doping by Self-Driving Fluidic Micro-Processors, is accepted for publication in Advanced Intelligent Systems.

03/01/22- Dr. Muzammil Khan joined our team as a postdoctoral research associate.

02/02/22- Kameel's paper was selected for the Frontispiece of Advanced Functional Materials.

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