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12/05/20- 2 new graduate students (Hamed and Rami) joined our group. Welcome to the team!

11/26/20- Our recent collaborative paper with the Kwon group at Texas A&M, Multiscale Modeling and Optimal Operation of Millifluidic Synthesis of Perovskite Quantum Dots: Towards Size-Controlled Continuous Manufacturing is accepted for publication in Chemical Engineering Journal.

11/16/20- Congratulations to Kameel, RobbieFazel, and Suyong! Their recent paper, Self-Driven Multi-Step Quantum Dot Synthesis Enabled by Autonomous Robotic Experimentation in Flow, is accepted for publication in Advanced Intelligent Systems.

11/02/20- Congratulations to Robbie (Dr. Epps!) for successfully passing his final Ph.D. exam unconditionally!

11/02/20- Congratulations to ZachFazel, Amanda, and Kameel! Their recent paper, Microfluidic Synthesis of Semiconductor Materials: Towards Accelerated Materials Development in Flow, is accepted for publication in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization.

11/03/20- Congratulations to Chen! his recent paper, Facile Synthesis of a Color-Tunable Microcrystal Phosphor for Anti-Counterfeit Applications is accepted for publication in ACS Omega.

10/14/20- Congratulations to Brad for successfully passing his Ph.D. prelim exam!

10/07/20- Congratulations to Kameel and Fazel, and Steven! Their recent paper, Flow Synthesis of Metal Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots: From Rapid Parameter Space Mapping to AI-Guided Modular Manufacturing, is accepted for publication in Matter.


10/01/20- Dr. Malek Ibrahim joined our team as a postdoctoral research associate.

09/05/20- Dr. Abolhasani is selected as one of AIChE's 35 Under 35 for 2020.

08/26/20- Our collaborative review paper with the Luther and the Amassian groups, Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics: Current Progress and Path to GW-Scale Enabled by Smart Manufacturing is accepted for publication in ACS Energy Letters.

08/24/20- Congratulations to Jeff and Brad! Their recent paper, Network-Supported, Metal-Mediated Catalysis: Progress and Perspective, is accepted for publication in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering.

08/10/20- Congratulations to Amanda and Robbie! Their recent paper, Accelerated Development of Colloidal Nanomaterials Enabled by Modular Microfluidic Reactors: Towards Autonomous Robotic Experimentation is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials.

08/04/20- Congratulations to Suyong and his co-authors Marjan, and Mahdi! Their recent paper, Accelerating Gas-Liquid Chemical Reactions in Flow is accepted for publication in Chemical Communications.

08/01/20- Eastman Chemical Company awarded a project to our group to study oxo synthesis in flow. We thank Eastman for their continued support of our research program.

07/28/20- Robbie's paper was selected for the Inside Front Cover of Advanced Materials.

07/01/20- The UNC System selected our ROI project for funding. We are grateful to the UNC System for supporting our smart QD manufacturing efforts.

06/21/20- Robbie's paper was highlighted in C&EN!

06/11/20- Congratulations to our previous postdocs, Keshav and Cheng, as well as our current postdoc, Mahdi! Their recent paper, Highly Efficient 1-Octene Hydroformylation at Low Syngas Pressure: From Single-Droplet Screening to Continuous Flow Synthesis is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis.

06/08/20- Congratulations to Zach! His recent paper, Facile Synthesis of Anhydrous Microparticles Using Plug-and-Play Microfluidic Reactors is accepted for publication in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering.

06/04/20- Congratulations to Robbie and his co-authors MichaelAmanda, Kameel, and Suyong! Their recent paper, Artificial Chemist: An Autonomous Quantum Dot Synthesis Bot is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials.

06/04/20- National Science Foundation awarded a project to our multidisciplinary team to study the defect-chemistry design of titania for enhanced virucidal photodynamic properties. We thank NSF for their support of our research group!

04/26/20- Congratulations to Robbie and his co-authors Amanda and Kameel! Their recent paper, An Automated Flow Chemistry Platform to Decouple Mixing and Reaction Times is accepted for publication in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering.

04/16/20- Dr. Abolhasani is selected as one of the Outstanding Reviewers for the journal Reaction Chemistry & Engineering in 2019.

03/23/20- Suyong's paper was highlighted in C&EN!

03/16/20- Congratulations to Chen! his recent paper, Multi- Responsive Luminescence Materials: Richer Color Than Chameleon Materials is accepted for publication in Advanced Optical Materials.

02/18/20- Congratulations to Zach and Jeff! their recent paper, Continuous Flow Synthesis of Phase Transition-Resistant Titania Microparticles with Tunable Morphologies is accepted for publication in RSC Advances.

02/11/20- Suyong's paper was selected for the Cover of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

02/06/20- Congratulations to Suyong! His recent paper, Accelerated Material-Efficient Investigation of Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvents for Energy-Efficient Solvent Recovery, is accepted for publication in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

01/27/20- Congratulations to Robbie on winning the 2020 Schoenborn Graduate Research Symposium at CBE! His talk was selected as the best oral presentation.

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