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I grew up in Chicago and migrated south, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at The University of Alabama with a minor in the Randall Research Scholars Program (formerly Computer Based Honors) and mathematics. During my time at UA, I worked with Dr. David Nikles on developing gold nanoparticle micelles for chemotherapeutic drug release. Having found a passion for nanotechnology, I was able to extend my background through work with Dr. Qing Peng on using atomic layer deposition for the synthesis of novel catalysts. At NC State, I furthered my experience with atomic layer deposition working under Dr. Greg Parsons in developing the oxidative molecular layer deposition of PEDOT for capacitor devices.


I am continuing my Ph.D. work in the Abolhasani Group using continuous flow colloidal ALD for the synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots and nanoplatelets.

Amanda Volk

Ph.D. Student


Phone: 919-513-4183

Office: EB1- 1034

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