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Accelerated Materials Development in Flow

Welcome to the Abolhasani Lab

Our multidisciplinary research group is primarily focused on studies of autonomous flow chemistry strategies to accelerate the development of solution-processed materials for energy and chemical technologies. We envision such autonomous materials development strategies can accelerate our efforts towards addressing the most pervasive challenge of the modern world: Meeting a rapidly growing global energy demand while preserving the environment. To meet these goals, we study the fundamentals of process intensification using microreaction engineering concepts and principles of “smart” manufacturing

03/23/23- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, Role of AI in Experimental Materials Science, is selected for the February 2023 Cover of MRS Bulletin.

03/20/22- Congratulations to Zach for being awarded an Honorable Mention for the Ferrell Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Award!

03/08/22- Congratulations to Hamed with a paper, Accelerated Photostability Studies of Colloidal Quantum Dots, accepted for publication in Solar RRL.

03/02/23- Congratulations to Amanda and her co-authors with a paper, AlphaFlow: autonomous discovery and optimization of multi-step chemistry using a self-driven fluidic lab guided by reinforcement learning, accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

03/01/23- Dr. Abolhasani's paper, Role of AI in Experimental Materials Science, is accepted for publication in MRS Bulletin.

02/24/23- Robbie's paper was selected for the Inside Back Cover of Advanced Materials Technologies.

02/08/23- Check out Dr. Abolhasani's interview with ChemistryWorld about the future of Self-Driving Labs!

Upcoming Conferences

11/26/23 - 12/01/23 - We will be attending the 2023 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA.

11/05/23 - 11/10/23 - We will be attending the 2023 AIChE Fall Meeting in Orlando, FL.

08/13/23 - 08/17/23 - We will be attending the 2023 ACS Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

03/26/23 - 03/30/23 - We will be attending the 2023 ACS Spring Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.


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