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Fernando Delgado Licona

Ph.D. Student

I was born in Monterrey, México. I have always been fascinated by the power of creativity and innovation to change our world. I decided to pursue a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Innovation and Development at Tecnológico de Monterrey to build the skills necessary to actively transform the world for the better. During my undergraduate studies, I developed an interest in process intensification and its role to attain sustainable processes. I joined the Energy and Climate Change group at Tecnológico de Monterrey for my graduate studies (M.Sc.Eng.) and worked on continuous flow synthesis of metal oxides with tailored shape and size distributions and the design of a continuous flow photoreactor for water treatment.

For my Ph.D. studies, I am excited to work at the intersection of process intensification and machine learning in the Abolhasani Lab. My current research focuses on the autonomous synthesis of metal halide perovskite nanocrystals in flow. 


Phone: 919-513-4183

Office: EB1- 1034

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