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Junbin Li

Ph.D. Student

I was born and raised in Xiamen, China. Growing up under a fusion of natural beauty and rapid industrial development, I cultivated an interest in understanding and enhancing the world around me. My academic journey led me through an undergraduate study in Materials Science and Engineering at Xiamen University where I embarked on my initial exploration of energy materials, mainly on the development of lithium-rich cathode materials for next-generation high-capacity battery. My passion for advancing energy storage technology drove me to further pursue a Master's degree at Xiamen University. During my Master’s studies, I focused on the research of sodium-ion battery materials, specifically in the materials design, structure characterization, and understanding of electrochemical behavior.


Currently, in the Abolhasani Lab at NC State, I am engaged in the research of smart and continuous manufacturing of energy materials through self-driving flow platforms, aiming to contribute to sustainable energy solutions.


Phone: 919-513-4183

Office: EB1- 1034

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